The Association of South Bohemian Artists announces the 23rd annual INTERSALON AJV 2019 Fine Art Show on the topic of ROTO – MOTO “, the unifying motive of the exhibition is rotational motion (Wankel engine), circulation (water mill), motor phase (orthopedics), cyclic repetition (history), expansion and stress (diesel engine and digestive process)… ROTO: a neoplasm of “turn” – for example”Rotor”, MOTO: meaning to “move” in all Romance languages, for example “Engine”.

The aim is to present to the public and authors a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of contemporary art events and at the same time allow a friendly and possibly confrontational meeting of professional visual artists and their works.

Intersalon AJV 2019 exhibition started at the 10th of october 2019 in Marianska Gallery in Ceské Budejovice.